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Hey Guys,

Since I’m new to this food blogging thing, I thought it was a good idea to get organized. If this blog is going to be a well-run machine then I need to have a system in place to help me manage all of my recipes. So, a couple of days ago while I was in Michaels, I picked up this simple wooden box to store all of my recipes. It’s small, slightly larger than an index card and see-through and it makes the perfect storage box. I outfitted it with a pen and some index cards and voilà I have my first recipe box. As you follow me, you’ll come to learn that I like to do things the old-fashioned way. After all, I still write checks and mail my bills through the mail using actual stamps. I’m sure that there is some apps or program that will help manage all my recipes but for some reason, I like having a physical copy of them. So for right now, I think this storage system will work out just fine.

Right now, I only have one recipe in my box, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie, but I can’t wait to add more. In fact, I am in the process of writing out a recipe I found on Pinterest for Christmas Jam that I made over the Christmas holiday. As I’ve come to learn, writing out a recipe, especially one that you come up with you on your own can be kind of difficult. If you’re like me, you cook by taste. You don’t measure anything and you’re constantly adding different ingredients. The whole process is rather organic but when you create a recipe you need to have precise measurements so that the recipe is easily re-creatable. To make the whole recipe creation process easier, I’ve started recording myself using the voice recorder on my phone while I cook. I talk through the process and measurements of everything I use and when I’m done, I just write out the recipe using the recording. Easy as pie!

I’d love to hear how you all manage and organize your recipes. Do you all use an app or are you like me and store your recipes in an actual box? Let me know what works best for you.

I’ll see you all in my next post!



Recipe Creation

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