Lentil and Quinoa Salad

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So in today’s post, I am keeping with the theme of using new spices and flavors. Today’s “featured spice” is sumac. Until I found a Middle Eastern cookbook I had never heard of sumac or even seen it, but as I flipped through the cookbooks I noticed that it is a pretty common spice. It’s used in/on everything from salads to breads to meats. Now since it’s not a traditional “American” spice, it was pretty difficult to find in the grocery store but I managed to find some at the World Market and of course on Amazon. If you can find some in your local area, I strongly encourage you to pick some up and try it out.

I decided to use my sumac to make this Lentil and Quinoa Salad I found in “Persiana”. I really love this cookbook. I found it at the library and honestly, I don’t want to return it. It is definitely going in my Amazon cart asap! All of the recipes in this book look so great and easy to make. This salad is already the second recipe I’ve made out this book. Definitely check it out.

Since this recipe isn’t my own, I won’t post it below but I will add a few pics of my salad. Hope you enjoy!

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