“Pasta” Salad

Hey There!,

I hope y’all are staying cool! This week has been beyond hot here in RVA and I have been doing everything I can to stay cool. The heat in the daytime is unbearable but honestly I don’t mind it so much at night. Hot muggy nights are literally one of my most favorite parts of summer. I love riding through the city at night (especially down Broad Street), blasting music with all of the windows down. The city light, all of the people out and about….I just absolutely love it.

Another favorite part of summer is the food…of course. One of my favorite summer dishes is pasta salad. Pasta salad is the quintessential summer dish. Everybody makes it a little differently but it is a summer mainstay. No cookout or summer gathering is complete without it. Since I am trying to eat healthier and cut back on the carbs, I decided to make this summer favorite with spiraled vegetable noodles instead of with the traditional noodles. Not only are vegetable noodles better for you but they are just so much fun to make. You can make them out of almost any vegetable and they are just so good.

Anyway, I made this pasta salad with vegetable noodles, broccoli, onions Italian dressing and a ton of salad supreme. Now, this is not a “fancy” dish but it is a classic.

Everyone has their own special pasta salad recipe but consider opting for vegetable noodles instead of traditional noodles.

Until, next time……stay cool!

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