Salad Bites

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Today’s post is all about salad bites. What is a salad bite you might ask? Well, these bites are basically mini salads on a skewer. They basically consists of cheese, salad greens and meat all wrapped up together and served on a skewer or wooden pick.

These two-bite appetizers are super quick and easy to make and are easily customizable. Your family and guests will love them. Not to mention, the possibilities are truly endless.

For the skewers below, I started off with a crumble of herb goat cheese. I then added some arugula and wrapped everything together with prosciutto. I served these with a herb vinaigrette. These would be a great addition to a platter of charcuterie or as a stand along starter. Below are a few other salad combinations that would be just prefect. If serving these on a platter be sure to include dressings so that your guest can get the full salad bite experience.

See Ya!

Salad Bite Combinations

  1. Goat Cheese, Arugula, Prosciutto (pictured below)
  2. Mozzarella Pearl, Halved Cherry Tomato, Basil Leaves, Salami
  3. Smoked Gouda, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Bacon
  4. Goat Cheese, Honey Almonds, Kale, Bacon
  5. Pepper Jack Cheese, Arugula, Genoa

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