Give the Gift of Charcuterie This Holiday Season!

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If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for family and friends, consider gifting them our delicious and beautiful charcuterie offerings! If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for gifts that people will actually use. We hate gifting people items that aren’t practical or items that will just sit around their homes and collect dust. If that is also your concern this holiday season, then you really should give the gift of charcuterie. Not only will these gifts not sit around people’s homes, but they will be immediately enjoyed and shared with others. If that sounds like a plan, here are four gift pairings that are perfect for anyone on your list.

Gift Pairing #1

This gift set is perfect for your child’s teacher, your doctor/dentist or even your neighbor. Both the Mini Dessert Box and the Smoked Salmon Box come in quantities of two (2), so the sets can easily be split to create two gift sets!

Mini Dessert Box + Smoked Salmon Box + Lady Joseph Olive Oil and Herb Crackers

Gift Pairing #2

The gift pairing is perfect for the ultimate cheese lover on your list. This “cake”, paired with a set of cheese knives and a jar of honey is a thoughtful and beautiful gift. (Note: Cake stand is not included.”

Fruit and Floral Cheese”cake” + Cheese Knives (set of 4) + Zach and Zoe Wildflower Honey

Gift Pairing # 3

This pairing is so perfect for a friend or someone who loves a good quite night in. This pairing will allow them, sit relax and unwind with a bountiful charcuterie board. We would suggest pairing this gift with a delicious bottle of wine!

Linda Grams + Mini Charcuterie Number/Letter +Lady Joseph Cocoa Biscuits

Gift Pairing #4

When you want to go all out and splurge on a special gift for someone special in your life, this is what you should get! This is the ultimate thank-you gift and is a perfect gift option for someone important in your life. We’ve taken the guess work out of everything and have assembled a gift basket that is perfect for anyone who loves charcuterie. This basket features the essentials for crafting the perfect at home board. Not only does it feature a board, meat, honey, crackers and jam but the perishable option also comes with a mini-charcuterie box and our house-made cheese truffles.

“Our Favorite Things” Gift Basket

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