Hey There,

Can you believe that it’s already May?!?! Where has the year gone? The next time we look up it’s going to be December! Thinking about how fast the year has flown by makes me want to focus more on slowing down and appreciating the time and things that I have. I want to focus more on the here and now and take the time to enjoy this season. I want to savor the nice warm weather (before it becomes blazing hot) and embark on new adventures. I want to try new things and seize every good opportunity that comes my way. In keeping with that theme, this month on the blog, I want to feature more original recipes and highlight some of my culinary adventures both inside and outside of the kitchen.

I hope that you too will embrace the newness of this month and take the time to slow down and enjoy everything new that will happen this month.

Happy May!

~Samantha J.