Because The Kitchen on Wellington, LLC's items are personalized, perishable goods, we do not accommodate return requests. If you experience an issue with your order, please contact us immediately. 

Cancellations and Requests to Reschedule:

Please note that the pick-up/delivery date is not included in the day count.
To ensure maximum freshness, all board ingredients are purchased within three (3) days of the scheduled pick-up date and time. For that reason, canceling an order with three (3) days or less notice is not allowed. 

All cancellations and requests to reschedule an order must be made in writing at least four(4) days prior to the scheduled pick-up/delivery date.

We will be unable to accommodate any cancellation or rescheduling request made within three (3) days of the scheduled pick-up or delivery date. Also, we will be unable to offer a full or partial refund. 

If a cancellation or rescheduling request is made within the specified time frame, a full refund will be offered unless special or custom ingredients and or packaging have been purchased. (Special or custom ingredients and or packaging will have been agreed upon by both The Kitchen on Wellington and the customer prior to order placement)  
Cancellation and Return Policy