Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my board contain the exact same items featured in the product pictures?

No. All of the items featured in our boards and boxes are hand selected and chosen based on availability, freshness and seasonality. Our meat and cheese offerings are typically constant but our selection of accruements often changes.

2) How will I know what is my box/on my board?

A label is place on each board/box that lists the contents. Please review before consuming.

3) How long will my board last?

To ensure freshness, it is recommended to consume your board/box the day you receive your order.

4) Where is the order pick up location?

The order pick up location to made available to customers via email once their order is confirmed. The email will confirm their pick up time as well as the pick up location. For security purposes we only disclose the pick up location to customers; however the pick up location is centrally located within the Richmond City limits.

5) Are serving utensils and cutlery provided with each order?

Each board features only the board/box and its contents. If serving utensils and cutlery are needed, we do offer a serve-wear package for your convenience. The package can be found here.

6) Do you offer plant based boards/options?

We do. Any of our offerings can be customized to be plant based. If you would like to order a plant-based board, send us an email and we will provide pricing.

7) How many people will each board/box feed.

The serving sizes are listed in the item description of each item. Note that serving sizes are based on appetizer sized portions.