Hey, There!

You found me! Welcome to, The Kitchen on Wellington.

The Kitchen on Wellington is all about cooking great southern foods and enjoying the journey to get there. I’ve always loved southern foods and I’ve always aspired to master those traditional southern favorites, like yeast rolls and cobblers.  For me, cooking southern foods is relaxing and gratifying. The fact that with a little time you can take simple ingredients and turn them into flavorful dishes that are soul satisfying and comforting is amazing. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Here at, The Kitchen on Wellington you’ll find posts and recipes about my favorite southern dishes, some old, some new. Together we’ll explore new flavors and perfect culinary techniques. What you won’t find here is perfection, not in my recipes or in my photography. In today’s society we put so much emphasis on presenting things that are perfect and precise but cooking is actually anything but that. Cooking is a fluid experience and no matter how long you’ve been cooking there is always the opportunity to improve and change things up. My recipes are not exact and my culinary style is ever changing. When I cook, I am real and authentic and I often do whatever feels right in the moment. I hope that this blog also reflects those same philosophies. 

Thanks for stopping by, now let’s get cooking. 

~ Samantha