Mini Charcuterie Numbers and Letters


Each number/letter features one meat option, one cheese option, and a variety of seasonal accouterments.


Just as with our full-sized charcuterie numbers and letters, our mini charcuterie numbers and letters are absolutely perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone occasions. These charcuterie-filled numbers/letters can be featured as a centerpiece or sent to someone special on their special day.

Size: 8.25in

Packaging: Cardboard

Charcuterie Number and Letter Options: Use the drop-down menu to select your meat, nut, and cheese preferences.  Please note that while we may not include nuts or cheese in your box, our boxes are assembled in a facility where nuts, soy, dairy, and shellfish are present.

Special Note: When ordering this item, please place your order at least 7 days in advance. The numbers and letters offered are subject to availability. 


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