Charcuterie Gift Guide – 02 Our Favorite Cheese Knives

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If you follow us over on Instagram, then you’ll know that for the past couple of weeks we’ve been posting reels about cheeses knives. We have to admit that when we started our charcuterie journey, we weren’t cheese knife experts. We learned along the way. We figured that some of you may be in the same boat as we were, so we thought it a good idea to share some content about cheese knives. We hope that you’ve picked up a tip or two from the reels that you can use at your next gathering. And if you haven’t yet seen the reels, pop over to our Instagram and check them out.

We wanted to continue the cheese knife discussion here and share a round-up of a few knives that we love. These would be great to pull out at your next gathering. We like to keep a set or two on hand for our gatherings. It’s really nice to have two of each knife available so that your guests aren’t waiting for knives. Also, if you’re in the market for a gift for a special someone, our medium board paired with one of these cheese knife sets would make the most thoughtful gift.

We hope that this roundup is helpful. If you see something you love, be sure to let us know.

The Kitchen on Wellington - Cheese Knife Guide
The Kitchen on Wellington – Cheese Knife Guide.
  1. This four-knife set makes the perfect gift for someone special. It is a great starter kit as it includes a parmesan knife, cheese fork, cheese spreader, and pronged cheese knife.
  2. This soft cheese knife is great to add to your collection. Often, knife sets don’t include this handy little knife so this one is a must-add.
  3. This set is inexpensive and is a good starter set. It comes with a cheese spreader and a parmesan knife.
  4. This narrow plane cheese knife is perfect for hard cheeses and another must-have in your collection.
  5. This soft cheese knife is stunning and is perfect for those fall or spring gatherings. The twig detailing is beautiful and will add a touch of elegance to your cheese or charcuterie board.
  6. The hammered brass handles on this set makes it perfect for special gatherings.
  7. You can’t go wrong with this marble and gold trio. This set has all of your needs covered as it includes a hard knife, a soft knife, and a cheese spreader.
  8. A cheese wire is a must-have when serving mozzarella or any soft or semi-hard cheese. This wire has a sleek design and is a great addition to any collection.
  9. Are you serving shaved cheese for salads? Maybe you want to serve thin slices of parmesan over bruschetta. If so, then this slicer is your go-to knife.
  10. This sleek set is perfect for casual gatherings.
  11. We love a black set of cheese knives! Not only are they perfect for use during the fall but they are great when you want to add a hint of “sleekness” to your table.
  12. Perfect for soft and semi-firm cheese this versatile knife is a great addition to your cheese knife arsenal.

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