Charcuterie Gift Guide – 03 Our Favorite Charcuterie Boards for Fall Gatherings

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It’s officially gathering season!! For us, gathering season starts in Novemberand lasts until the end of December. During that time, we are constantly gathering with friends and family. There are family vacations, impromptu dinners, Halloween parties, movie nights, sleepovers, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With each gathering comes a new opportunity to whip up a delicious and festive board.

Now, when it comes to serving a charcuterie board during the fall, we love to opt for a wooden charcuterie board or one that is a little more rustic. The wood just perfectly complements the season! We also love to opt for a large charcuterie board and one with handles so that transport from the kitchen to the dining table is easy. Longer boards are also a go-to during this season.

Now, when selecting a board for fall gatherings, keep in mind the following:

  1. Keep in mind the seating arrangement or how people will be positioned around the table. If you will be entertaining at a long table, it’s best to opt for a longer rectangle shaped board so that everyone can reach those delicious meats, cheeses and fruits.
  2. If you are opting for a wooden charcuterie board, make sure that it is made from wood that is food safe. If you are purchasing a board from a national retailer, chances are the board is food safe. But if not, double check with the store before purchasing. We want to keep everyone safe.
  3. Keep in mind the weight of the board. Thick wooden charcuterie boards or ones made from marble can be heavy on their own. Once you add the board, they can become quite difficult to carry. Make sure you able to comfortably and safely carry the board.
  4. Opt for a board that is easy to clean. We are fans of smooth, even surfaced boards that can be quickly and easily wiped clean after use. We tend to shy away from boards with nooks and crannies because food can become stuck in them, and they can often be difficult to clean.

Keeping those tips in mind, here are a few of our current favorite charcuterie boards for fall gatherings.

  1. These circular boards from Zara Home are perfect for when you and your friends are gathering around a small table sharing a bottle of wine. We would put seasonal condiment in the middle and focus the meat and cheeses around the perimeter so that all can easily access. The handle makes it easy to transport and the beautiful color is representative of the fall season.
  2. We LOVE a board with two handles. This board is sturdy and thick and had two handles which makes carrying it a dream. Nothing is more nerve wracking than trying to carefully carry a packed charcuterie board to the table without dropping anything.
  3. This live edge charcuterie board is the ultimate fall charcuterie board for gatherings. Although this board is more appropriate for an intimate gathering, it none the less will add character to your table.
  4. This board is perfect for gatherings around a longer table. Because of its length (the larger board option) your guests will easily be able to reach it no matter where they are positioned around the table. So that everyone has access to same ingredients on the board, we would mirror the ingredients on each end of the board.
  5. We love this wide, marble charcuterie board. Not only is it sleek and timeless but we love that is comes with three cheese knives and has built-in space for each one. Now this board is heavy and does not have handles so it would be best used when gathering around a kitchen island or in a place where it won’t need to be moved or adjusted often.
  6. Now, we know that we said that we don’t like charcuterie boards with a lot of nooks and crannies, but we are making an exception for this one. This board is great for charcuterie board beginners who are building a board for the first time. The sectioned areas make it easy to arrange food and keep everything in its place. We also love that it has a built-in tray for a set of cheese knives. This board would be great for a cool fall picnic or for a trip to a winery in the mountains. The pre-sectioned areas make board assembly quicky and easy. If you get this board, just make sure to clean it well!
  7. This board is so sleek and simple. Again, we are huge fans of board with two handles! Now this board is on the narrow side so it would be great to use when you are serving only a few items, perhaps a couple of wedges of cheese, a toasted baguette, fruit, nuts and olives.

As we move into gathering season, keep these boards in mind as you prepare to host your family and friends.

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