Fried Cabbage and Spinach Bites

Hey There, Over the past couple of posts I have been sharing some of my favorite appetizer recipes. Today, I am going to share with you my final appetizer recipe before we move on to my favorite side dishes. Today, we’re talking all things Cabbage and Spinach Bites. These bites are basically mini versions ofContinue reading “Fried Cabbage and Spinach Bites”

Charcuterie Boards

Hey There, Today we’re talking all things charcuterie boards. Now traditionally these boards include, meats (cured), cheeses, jams/jellies, olives, nuts, dried fruits and crackers and bread, but people have really come up with some creative ways to reimage the traditional charcuterie board. I’ve seen some chocolate themed boards and some sweet and salty snack themedContinue reading “Charcuterie Boards”