Four New Kitchen Tools

Hey There,                 For the most part I have been really disciplined during “quarantine” and haven’t bought a ton of things. Alright, I did buy one dress but other than that I’ve kept my spending in check. I did however pick up a few new things for the kitchen. Since I’ve found myself in theContinue reading “Four New Kitchen Tools”

How Self-Isolation Helped to Change My Attitudes About Food

Hey There,                 So, most of us have been “self-isolating” in one form or another for the past 8 weeks.  It is so crazy how much everything has changed. None of us could have imagined a life like this if we had tried our hardest. Back in January/February before things got “crazy” I was listeningContinue reading “How Self-Isolation Helped to Change My Attitudes About Food”

My First Time Smokn’

Hey There, Ya’ll, I feel like I have mastered the grill. Alright, “mastered” maybe a bit of a stretch but I certainly feel more comfortable with it than I did last year. If you remember last year’s post about my grill journey then you will remember that the grill and I have always had aContinue reading “My First Time Smokn’”

Strawberry, Raspberry and Lime Fruit Tart

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to order one of those fresh fruits tarts sold in the bakery case at the grocery store. The color of the tarts was always so vibrant and the fruit always looked so sweet and fresh. I’m not sure what stopped me from ordering one (probablyContinue reading “Strawberry, Raspberry and Lime Fruit Tart”